Denver Cup will take place on Thursday. Please check the schedule as some fields are closed and games have been altered to allow for play.  ***  Fall 2014 Developmental Registration is temporarily closed for team formation. We will re-open registration on Monday, August 4, 2014. Please re-visit us at that time.

DEV Reach Day Schedule


Field 1

Field 2

Field 3

Field 4

Rush Point of Contact

Dom Hoecherl

Adam Logan

Ariel Passarelli

Ben Medina





Boys U5 teams

Girls U5 teams

Boys U6 teams

Girls U6 teams


Boys U7 teams

Girls U7 teams


Boys U8 teams

Girls U8 teams





Spicy Tomatoes - Juran

Boltz - Logan

Boys Bantam Academy - Bishop

Boys Bantam Academy – Geibler

Hot Tomatoes - Juran

Lightning Bolts – Day


B0904 Academy – Johnson

B0905 Academy – Mitchell

G0901 Strike – Dan

G0905 Flash – Dan

B0902 – Firebolts

B0908 – Rapids

B090N1 – Pokorny

G0904 – Van Beek

G0908 – Wolfpack

G09N1 - Thunderbolts



B1002 Academy – Holbrook

B1007 Academy – Morris

B1008 Academy – Correa

G1001 – Twisters

G1002 – Cheetahs

G1004 – Rush Crush

G10N2 - Netshakers

B1004 – Weber

B1006 – Whaley

G1003 – Defenders

G1005 – Funky Monkeys

G1006 – Craycraft

G10N1 - Olson

Boys U11 teams

Girls U11 teams

Boys U11 teams

Girls U11 teams

Boys U12 teams

Girls U12 teams

Boys U13+ teams

Girls U13+ teams


Field Status
Last Update:
2014-05-30 16:46 pm
ClosedClement Park
ClosedValley View
ClosedKen Caryl Community Park
Field Hot Line: