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Colorado Rush COVID-19 Exposure Q&A

This document provides guidelines for a player, coach, team or family member exposed to the COVID-19 virus. 

 What if a player has a confirmed exposure to the COVID-19 Virus?

The exposed player is required to follow all required self-quarantine timelines based on notification received from the issuing public health authority. Per current CDC guidelines a negative test does not exempt the player from requirements.    

 What if a Rush player tests positive for the COVID-19 Virus?

The club will work with the Jefferson County Public Health Department and our medical partner to determine all necessary actions. All individuals determined to have been in close contact and therefore “exposed” will be contacted and informed of quarantine requirements.  

 What if I receive an exposure letter from my school?

Rush asks that any exposure letter immediately be shared with the appropriate DOC.

Seniors: Jeff Carroll – 

Youth: Aaron King –

Boys Academy: Jody Young –

Girls Academy: Russell Finch –

Recreational: Anita O’Conner –

 What if a family member I live with is exposed to the virus?

Unless the family member has a confirmed positive case, no further action is required. Please carefully monitor health and possible symptoms. 

 What if I am not exposed to the Virus, but my school shuts down due to an Positive COVID-19 case?

Unless a player is contacted with a confirmed exposure, no further action is required. 

Colorado exposure notification app:
Videos for COVID Prevention:


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