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U9-U10 Youth Academy

2022/2023 Season

The Intermediate Academy and Youth Academy allow players to develop at an accelerated pace. These programs are designed to bridge individual player development and basic team aspects to prepare players for a smooth and fluid transition into our Youth Girls and Youth Boys programs at U11. Players are placed on teams at our seasonal Kickarounds, based upon current and potential skill level. Within the CSA teams are tiered in premier, gold, silver, or bronze flights based on overall team ability. Our quality and experienced coaches bring energy and passion to every session.

The Youth Academy mirrors the Senior Program which is focused on Rush’s Core Values and World Renowned Philosophy. Within the program you will learn our 11 core values, like respect, unity, enjoyment, tenacity, and passion. These core values are the base in which all Rush players will grow. In addition we have a program wide curriculum centered around Individual creativity/technique, discipline, and game understanding .

Here at Rush, we believe that the pathway to successful athletes and exceptional character building begins here in our Youth Academy. This program sets the tone for the future of the club and Colorado soccer. Our staff works very hard to provide the best training and experience available in the state of Colorado. We strive to ensure that the greatest quality, effort, and love goes into each and every individual player in the program.

During the season we will hold additional camps and clinics for the Intermediate/Youth Academy by the Director and staff coaches. These camps and clinics, along with season details, are listed below. Please check your TeamSnap for your team’s specific training times, dates, location, and other important information.

Fall season games begin late August and end mid November. Spring Games begin late March and end mid May. Home games will be played at Clement Park.


UPCOMING KICKAROUNDS – 2013’s/2014’s/2015’s

Sunday, November 6th – Clement Park
10:00AM – 11:00AM – 2015’s
11:15AM – 12:30PM – 2014’s
12:45PM – 2:00PM – 2013 Boys
2:15PM – 3:30PM – 2013 Girls
All players attending must register.


Director of Coaching

Adam Logan

The Rush Way

The Rush Way is the embodiment of all that is Rush Soccer. This not only entails what we do and how we do it, but the culture and standard that defines who we are as a soccer club; the rules and manner in which Rush members hold themselves and how they expect other Rush members to conduct themselves. The Rush Way encourages passion, leadership, respect, and above all, quality. This standard is evident in how the administrative organization is handled, the way our coaches instruct their players, and how our players and parents conduct themselves on and off the field. The Rush Way provides a system that supports the most efficient development of our players from the time they join the club to the time they graduate.

The Rush Core Values are an integral aspect of our club. They provide the foundation for our culture. Players, coaches, and staff are asked to learn and live the Rush Core Values to help them become better players and better people. They consist of: accountability, advice, empathy, enjoyment, humility, leadership, passion, respect, safety, tenacity and unity. These 11 values form our character on and off the field.

The Rush Way to Play is based upon movement and activity by both the player and the ball. Possession-oriented does not fully describe how we play; attack-oriented does. Whether in possession or in defense, we are attacking. Rush players play with freedom yet understand the importance of responsibility and the balance between the two. Rush teams are flexible and adapt to varying circumstances. The Rush Way to Play represents both passion and purpose.

Our club mantra is: “Where the trails of passion and purpose meet, begins the path to victory.”


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